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At Satvat Holistics, we predominantly practice Sound Healing, which is an ancient science and an art. The resonance of the instruments brings about wellness by healing issues from the root cause. We also integrate other natural healing modalities like Yoga Therapy, Pranic healing, Crystal Healing, Aroma Therapy, and EFT to expedite the healing process.

Sound Healing

Our unique sound healing program is an amalgamation of therapies based on resonance and visualisation meditation.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a touch-free energy healing system that works on the body’s fundamental principle of energy centres called “chakras”.

Wellness Essentials

Essentials to enhance your energy, mood, health and beauty through practices of ancient healing science like Aromatherapy.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga practice focuses on healing specific health conditions through yoga postures and breathing practices.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT or Emotional Technique is a research-based combination therapy of modern psychology and acupressure.

Our Presence

Experience Our Dhwani Sound Therapy Studio @ Adyar, Chennai and touch-free services that heal you from within in all aspects of life for wholesome wellness by subscribing to our exciting studio plans.


Holistic Sound healing anywhere, anytime and on any device through our online zoom and Dhwani Sound Healing App session with our HD audio quality of sound healing and guided visualisation.


Fusion plan for those who like both the vibrations of sound in-person and the comfort of the digital experience of our healing programs.

Holistic Office Wellness

At this time of the Digital revolution, our work nature has drastically shifted, relying on both the brain and skill sets. Top MNC companies introduce mindfulness training programs to enhance workforce productivity to handle mental burnout. It is the right time to launch your company’s uniquely effective Sound Healing Program for nurturing mental health through mindfulness.

“HOW” is an exclusive wellness program based on the ancient science of Sound healing & visualisation meditation to empower the workforce with realistic wellness solutions to handle everyday wear & tear and jump back energetically into the routine.

Holistic Transformational Experience

Positive Body

Sound healing frequencies work from the cellular level to enhance organ and muscular-skeletal functions. Our Sound Therapy program focuses on physical health, and the positive functioning of various organs and systems in the body to heal chronic pain, and disorders of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems.

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Positive Mind

Our unique sound healing program helps higher brain wave states like gamma in a stressed mind to lower brain wave states like Theta, which is a deep meditative state, resulting in mental clarity and calmness. Sound Healing aids in easy relief from stress, anxiety and depression disorders, PTSD, hypertension and emotional imbalances.

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Positive Energy

Cleanse, Channelise and cultivate energy using chakra sound therapy programs and other modalities like aroma, crystal and periodic cleansing rituals. A clean aura with only healthy cords, balanced and aligned chakras is an essential foundation for a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

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Ashok Kumar

I am Ashok Kumar, Business Coach. I had attended Sunithi’s Online Sound Bath session, over a month ago, and I would like to place my surreal experience on record. I attended an Online Sound Bath session conducted by Ms Sunithi of M/s Satvat Holistics. I did not have any clue regarding what I was in for, just entered with an open mind…

vidya Lakshmi

I am Vidya Lakshmi from Vidya Art Studio, an artist who creates contemporary paintings and mosaic works. When I first heard about the Gong and the singing bowls, I was intrigued on how the sounds of those instruments help in healing and wanted to try it out.


I am giving my feedback on ‘Gong bath’ attended by me on 1st January 2020 night. All night gong bath was a wonderful experience. Whole night i was drifting in and out of sleep. After a logn time I was able to sleep peacefully for 8 hours.

Saravanan Ravichandrakanth

This was my first Gong Bath experience and I really enjoyed it!! The most unique experience you’ll ever have. It’s hard to describe what the gongs do and how they work but it brings a huge sense of relaxation and expansion within my heart, mind and body, Let the beautiful sound wash over you – it was so relaxing, energising, very calm and an overall sense of peace I’d recommend it for everyone to try this experience!!

Heal with us
Dhwani App

Listen to Sound Healing Meditation Anytime Anywhere on Any device in our Dhwani App.

A great app with handcrafted orchestration of sound healing music of Singing Bowls, Gongs and Tuning forks with a mesmerising guided voice to relax, rejoice & rejuvenate anywhere, anytime and on any device.

An authentic app with HD sound of healing frequencies recorded in-house from healing grade sound therapy instruments with mindfully narrated visualisation guided meditation for all walks of life to enhance physical, mental and emotional health.

Try our free Everyday grounding and shielding session in Dhwani App and begin the day on the right note.

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