Our healing sound session will be unique. In one-to-one sessions it includes consultation assessment in which you can discuss your needs and sound bath session with instruments like Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks and other therapeutic instruments.

You will experience a slight movement or warmth in some parts of your body during the session. This is an indication that the part of your body is receiving the energy, removing blocks and healing.

Sound therapy is beneficial as a complementary therapy for all physical, mental and emotional disorders. When you are concerned about your physical condition and want to use sound therapy alongside of your routine medicines you can take sound therapy because the person who are relaxed have lower stress hormones, and a strong immune system so that they can cope up with the physiological and physical effects of their diseases. Or when you feel like struck and want to move to a new pattern in your life or if you want to change the perception of being lost or unconnected or whenever you feel like you need to de-stress. Sound healing will not only induce relaxation but also brings your body, spirit, and mind to relaxation.

Yoga mates are available in the studio. You can bring a shawl to cover if needed.

If you are unable to hear through one ear, you may not be able to listen to the frequencies. However, if you have hearing in your other ear, then Sound Therapy can help you through your good ear and can still access your brain and potentially bring you all the other benefits it offers.

And additionally, your skin acts as the third ear absorbing the vibrations and you will experience the healing.

Sound Therapy is one of the best energy healing modalities for the following reasons.

Sound healing therapy is an effortless, an ancient, powerful therapy. It is non-invasive without the usage of any internal drugs. SOUND heals us at the cellular level, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Harmonious sounds generated from the Singing bowls, Gongs and other instruments, effortlessly shift our mind state from Beta to Alpha and then to Theta which is a deeply relaxed – meditative state; wherein inner healing mechanism is activated.

Sound also travels faster in water than in air. Our physical body which is made of more than 70% water, hence, responds to this modality very well.

Of course. Sound Therapy does work, as do other healing modalities. As this is a tangible energy, clients immediately experience the effects of sound healing during the session itself.

All the clients are requested to say their medical conditions while visiting the studio. The following are not required to take the sound therapy without their consent physician

  • Pregnant women
  • People prone to fits frequently

Sound is a natural complimentary therapy. Hence, it’s totally SAFE to be used with any on-going medications.

Sunithi S Ramesh is a certified sound therapist and practicing since 2015. Her accreditation is available on the website.

Sound is a natural complimentary therapy. Hence, it’s totally SAFE to be used with any on-going medications.

  • Simply Relax – A simple yet deeply relaxing therapy with four bowls.
  • Feet Up – Another simple but effective therapy.
  • Clear Aura – Highly recommended for clients who generally feel low on energies or suffering from chronic ailments.
  • Chakra Cleanse – Seven chakra bowls are placed around the client and protocol is played creating resonance with the vibration. It is highly recommended to all.
  • Anxiety Relief – A very effective therapy for all those suffering from psychosomatic issues and anxiety disorders.
  • Cellular Detox – Highly recommended for those suffering from chronic ailments.
  • Deep Cleanse – Helps in quick recovery from surgery and severe injuries.
  • Meridian Bath – Cleansing of accumulated energy toxins/blockages through Energy Meridian System for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Gong Bath Immersion – A session of extreme bliss and rejuvenation with the Gongs and Bowls. The cleansing is very deep and energizing happens in all the layers of the body.
  • Sound Bath Immersion – Participants lie on comfortable mattresses and take the session in an ambience filled with crystals and the fragrance of essential oils, which contribute to the vibration.

Singing bowls are instruments that are tuned to certain frequencies like of human body and the chakras. So they bring the body organs to their natural frequency based on the principle of resonance. On one-on-one session

mostly singing bowls are uses. Gongs are deeply resonant instruments that are tuned to planetary frequencies There are other gongs like symphonic and sound creation gongs that offer a wide range of frequencies. Gongs used in group therapy sessions and also in one-on-one therapies are powerful frequencies when found appropriate.

Tuning forks are instruments that can be used in specific areas of pain or for activating the flow of energy.

In an in-person session, the bowls and other instruments are nearby of the client and are sometimes placed on the body also. Hence the frequencies are heard and the vibrations travel into the body through the skin also, bringing about quick relief for physical ailments.

In an online session, the frequencies are heard and the client is directed to focus on the body part or system. Surprisingly that the client feels the vibrations in the same body parts even in an online session. This shows to proves that the ears are the gateway to the brain. Another advantage in the online session is that the session is curated and the sounds are transmitted without any external disturbances, and the client receives them through headphones /earphones. Online sessions are conducted through Zoom.

Sound Healing can help with concern and problems related to:

  • Insomnia/Sleep Irregularity
  • Physical Pain like migraine, backache, knee issues, shoulder and neck tension etc,
  • For patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Gynecological problems.
  • Stress.
  • Anxiety/Depression.
  • Chronic ailments like hypertension
  • Burnout/Fatigue.
  • Major Life Change/Times of Crisis.
  • Present or Past Trauma.
  • Chakra Alignment.

Doesn’t require any specific diet but undergoing healing would be healthy with easily digestible foods.

Minimum of one hour gap before and after the session.

  • Positive vibes
  • Peaceful mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Release of tension
  • Balanced emotional state
  • Improves decision-making.
  • Deeper sleep quality
  • Clear and calm mind.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Increased motivation.
  • Increased creativity.

Everything we sense and feel, see and touch is pure Energy. The basic principle of sound therapy is the application of Healing frequencies to the physical, mental, and psychological energy fields. During a Sound Bath or an individual Sound Therapy session, you are taken on a sonic meditative journey. It’s a practice that uses vibrations to relax your mind, body, and soul. Because of your expanded vibrations during a sound journey, the therapeutic frequencies delivered from the Singing bowls, Gongs, and Tuning Forks can help alleviate many physical ailments, cleanse unwanted emotions, resolve, release, mental blocks, emotional issues, and also aid in spiritual growth. In sound therapy voice used is minimum and bowls are used.

Even while you sleep sound frequencies can help in healing both your body and mind. It is not sleeping, but a deep trance-like state, where the subconscious mind surfaces. The affirmations used during a therapy session get recorded very well in the subconscious mind.

No, you can play the sound through your device using normal earphones/headphones but it is recommended to use quality hearing devices to get the best benefit.

No. The Singing Bowls used for therapy are of high quality, therapeutic grade instruments that are hand crafted. They undergo a rigorous quality test for frequencies before they are sold. The resonance of the therapeutic grade bowls is very different from the regular Singing bowls that are found in the tourist arenas. Such bowls can be used for space cleansing, but not for therapeutic work.

Yes. Even as healthy individuals, we all face our share of stress and challenges, which cause physical and mental fatigue. A Sound Therapy session or a Sound Bath Immersion helps a healthy person also to relax, let go of the fatigue and rejuvenate.

Some of the recommended sessions in our studio are:

  • Simply relax
  • Feet up
  • Clear aura
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Gong bath Immersion
  • Sound bath Immersion

If you don’t have time to attend the one-on-one session at our sound healing studio ore else If your time is not adjustable with our online sound bath sessions you can attend our sessions at the Dhwani app at your convenient time from the comfort of your home.

5 min free meditation is available in the app. From time to time we also bring free meditation, and users can also buy subscriptions available in the app.

When used for a particular disorder, the therapy has to be taken as per the frequency advised by the therapy, based on the intensity of the disorder. For rejuvenation, the therapy sessions or Sound Bath Immersions can be taken once in a week or fortnight.

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