49 Days Chakra Balancing Workshop

29th October 2022
Time: 7:30PM – 9:00PM

Zoom App

Satvat Holistics is happy to introduce the 49-Day Chakra Alignment workshop starting on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi with the first session focusing on the Root Chakra.

There are seven major Chakras in our body. The Chakras govern the working of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

-Balance your Chakra with 7 weekly Zoom sessions, 42 everyday chakra sound healing meditations in App and a detailed chakra healing planner.

-An exclusive 49 days planner of Sound healing with Chakra singing bowls and planetary gongs for specific Chakra.

-Chakra Beeja mantras.

-Yoga postures to activate chakras.

-Chakra balancing habits to harmonise your chakra energy for a healthy body and a happy mind.

7 major chakras – The energy centres


42 day Chakra healing sound meditation in Dhwani App

Chakra Seed Mantra in Dhwani app to practice

7 Chakra Yoga Postures

Affirmation for each chakra

Video recording of the session, if you miss any session.

Who should attend this chakra workshop?

If you: –

– Are unaware of chakras
– Have heard of chakras but am unsure of how they function
– Know a lot about chakras and want to cleanse and align them
– Lack  of direction or clarity in your life right now
– Feel worn out both physically and mentally
– Want to increase self-awareness

Benefits of chakra balancing

  • Aligning the chakras will help solve many physical issues and return the body to its original state.
  • It aids in maintaining a sense of balance, security, self-assurance, and awareness of one’s own body and emotions.
  • Clarity of thought and a decluttered mind.
  • You can let go of emotional burdens.
  • Relief from physical and mental disorders caused by Chakra blockages.

Topics covered

– An insight into each chakra and its characteristics
– Associated musical notes, colours, crystals, mudras and exercises
– Toning with the voice to tune into the Chakra
– Beeja mantra of the chakras
– Positive affirmations for the chakras
– Sound Bath Immersion for the rejuvenation, cleansing and alignment of each Chakra


Sunithi S Ramesh is a Sound Meditation expert, Pranic Healer and Tech Entrepreneur, who has transformed her life through Sacred Sounds and other Energy modalities. She specializes in individual and group Sound Healing sessions in the studio and online. Her sessions are mindful narrations of various effective healing techniques through Sound Meditation, addressing the modern-day challenges to our mental health.

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