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Dhwani's Nidra

Experience the Serenity of Sleep with Our Exclusive Relax and Sleep 3-Month Program,

Tired of Restless Nights and Sluggish Mornings?

It’s Time for a Change! Dive into the Serene World of Sound Healing and Discover the Ultimate Path to Deep, Rejuvenating Sleep.

Let the Gentle Rhythms of Sound Healing Wash Away Your Stress and Guide You into a State of Pure Relaxation.

Highlights of Our Program:

  • 3 Sessions of RELAX AND SLEEP Sound Healing.
  • 1 Personalized Counseling Session.
  • Exclusive NIDRA KIT for all the participants will be provided.
  • Sound meditation sessions will be assigned through the Dhwani App throughout the program duration daily

Join Our Program Today and Start Enjoying Nights Filled with Blissful Sleep

Special Offer in March 2024

Special Offer : 1999/-

Ready to Unlock the Secrets to Deep, Restorative Sleep?

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